Which wine when. What to drink with the food you love Ebury Press



?A brilliantly simple guide to give anyone instant confidence choosing wine.? Russell NormanWhich Wine When offers brilliant wine matches to the food we eat every day.This is for anyone who knows their sourdough from their sliced white but still finds themselves standing in the wine aisle making panicked decisions about what to drink based on special offers, a vague memory or a nice-looking label.Now you?ll be able to look up dish or style of cooking and find three recommendations ? and if the shop doesn?t have what you want, Bert and Claire give you the words to ask for the type of wine you?re looking for. From takeaways and snacks to Sunday lunches, home-cooked classics, cheese and desserts, these expert wine matches are fun, affordable and simple enough you can pop to a supermarket or local wine shop.Whether you?re ordering a curry, taking a bottle to a friends, going out for dinner, or vegging out on the sofa with a bowl of pasta, Which Wine When will turn even the most down-to-earth meal into a magical combination of what?s on your plate and what?s in your glass. Dont wander the wine aisle without it.

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