Read This! 2 Student’s Book with Audio CD



Read This! is a four-book reading series designed for adult and young adult ESL students at the high beginning to intermediate levels. Read This!, Level 2 contains fifteen stories relating to the fields of Health Care, Animal Studies, Food and Nutrition, Criminal Justice, and Psychology. For example, students read about how the first vaccine was discovered, how Europeans came to see their first giraffe, and the potentially fatal risk of Internet addiction. The nonfiction readings are written in an accessible narrative style, and the vocabulary and exercise material are appropriate for low intermediate to intermediate-level students. This enjoyable and fascinating text eases students into reading content-rich texts.

Język angielski

filologia hiszpańska up
, sep po angielsku
, trening pleców w domu
, jadwiga jaworska
, matura w cv
, marcin gambit królowej
, wos gdynia
, sp1 w rumi
, charakteryzacje makijażowe
, próbna matura biologia 2021
, monikę zielińską
, bater dziennikarz
, jak sie pisze nie wazne
, olx korepetycje niemiecki
, jezyk polski odpowiedzi
, liczba π
, maciek
, odejmowanie exel