Enterprise React Development with UmiJS (E-book)



UmiJS is the Ant Groups underlying frontend development framework, an open source project for developing enterprise-class frontend applications. In this book, youll get hands-on with single-page application development using UmiJS. By following practical step-by-step examples, youll develop essential skills to build and publish your apps and create a modern user experience with responsive interfaces.This book will help you learn the essential features of UmiJS and how to set up and build a project from scratch using React, Less, and TypeScript. Youll study Ant Design, a framework based on solid design concepts that provides a series of React components to accelerate interface development. Along the way, youll see how to make requests and develop the frontend using simulated data while ensuring that your app has a high level of security and feedback. Youll also discover ways to improve your code quality and readability using formatting tools.By the end of the book, youll have learned how to use UmiJS to design user interfaces, as well as compile, test, and package your app locally, and deliver your app by deploying it to online services. Spis treści:Enterprise React Development with UmiJSContributorsAbout the authorAbout the reviewerPrefaceWho this book is forWhat this book coversTo get the most out of this bookDownload the example code filesConventions usedGet in touchShare your thoughtsPart 1: Configuring UmiJS and Creating User InterfacesChapter 1: Environment Setup and Introduction to UmiJSTechnical requirementsSetting up our environment and configuring UmiJSIntroduction to UmiJS and creating your first projectInstalling the EditorConfig and Prettier extensionsUnderstanding the UmiJS folder structure and its main filesAdding config and locales foldersRuntime configurationExploring the Umi CLI and adding pagesUnderstanding routing and navigation in UmiJSUnderstanding path parameters and query stringsConventional routingNavigating between pagesUsing Umi UIAdding Ant Design componentsSummaryChapter 2: Creating User Interfaces with Ant DesignTechnical requirementsIntroduction to the project and Ant DesignIntroduction to Ant Design componentsSetting up the layout and themeAdding right-side content to the layout headerCreating the home page and setting up i18nSetting up internationalizationCreating the Opportunities and Customers pagesCreating the Reports pageSummaryChapter 3: Using Models, Services, and Mocking DataTechnical requirementsDefining response types and column typesCreating column definitions for ProTableCreating the opportunity details pageDefining the activities table columnsSimulating data and API responsesSending HTTP requests with Umi requestUsing models for sharing states and logicSummaryPart 2: Protecting, Testing, and Deploying Web ApplicationsChapter 4: Error Handling, Authentication, and Route ProtectionTechnical requirementsModifying the login page and defining the HTML templateModifying the login pageDefining the default HTML templateStoring and globally accessing user informationProtecting application routes based on user rolesUsing the useAccess hookHandling HTTP error responsesSummaryChapter 5: Code Style and Formatting ToolsTechnical requirementsUnderstanding code style and consistencyWorking with EditorConfig and PrettierWorking with EditorConfigWorking with PrettierConfiguring ESLint and PrettierSummaryChapter 6: Testing Front-End ApplicationsTechnical requirementsUnderstanding software testingUnderstanding integration testingUnderstanding end-to-end testingWriting tests with JestUnderstanding the describe methodExecuting instructions before and after testsTesting interfaces with PuppeteerTesting the access and layout pluginsTesting the opportunity editing featureSummaryChapter 7: Single-Page Application DeploymentTechnical requirementsCreating a mock server with MockachinoCompiling the application and setting environment variablesConfiguring the API URL environment variableHosting the application on AWS AmplifyUnderstanding more Amplify settingsSummaryWhy subscribe?Other Books You May EnjoyPackt is searching for authors like youShare your thoughts

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